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Announcement: Reporting documentation issues to Quality Central (QC)

Announcement: Reporting documentation issues to Quality Central (QC)
Posted By: Dave Nottage
Created in: Forum: Documentation
Posted: Sep 23, 2008 3:57 PM
Reports of issues with documentation (eg the help) for Delphi can be made by using CodeGear's Quality Central system:

To make it easier for your documentation issues to be located and actioned, please ensure the correct area is selected. For documentation, please select the Documentation area, and the appropriate sub-category, eg Online Help, and the appropriate sub-category below that.

Also, please ensure the correct report type is entered, ie in the case of documentation, the report type is "D".

In the short description field, please provide a brief description the actual error or omission and in the long description field, the details.

Thank you for your attention

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