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Thread: Localizated application in Win32 and Win64 problem

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Ricardo Muñoz

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Localizated application in Win32 and Win64 problem  
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  Posted: Nov 16, 2015 2:30 PM
I have an Win32 application developed and localized vía IDE in Delphi XE7. Now I added a Win64 platform to this application. With 64-bits Windows platform selected in the application, I update the Localized Project (using the menu IDE Project->Languages->Update Localized Project). These create a new win64\release\MyApp_DRC.rc file and folders in the resource dll Project, but din't create others for others translated fiels of the Project.

Now I have this questions:
- It's necessary to have two differents MyApp_DRC.rc file? Could I use the same file for generate Win32 and Win64 resource dll, id est, replace the unlocalized MyApp_DRC.rc file for Win64 wiht the localized file of the Win32?
- Are there differences between an resource dll for Win32 and for Win64? Id este, Could I use the MyApplication.XXX resource dll for Win32 in Win64 environment?

- Assuming Win32 and Win64 resource dll are differents. How I can make the Win32 platform of the resource dll? I ask this because, regardless of the selected platform of the application Project, the only versión that is generated with Make or Build menu is the Win64 versión. (If I create first the Win 64 localization and then update the localized Project with 32-bit Window selected in the target Project, then only Win32 resource dll is created when Make or Build menú is used).

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