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Thread: ANN: Smart Packer Pro (X) and code signing

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Mike B.

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ANN: Smart Packer Pro (X) and code signing
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  Posted: Jul 7, 2016 1:29 AM
Hi all,

Smart Packer Pro (X) packs a single executable file, DLL's and other files into a single executable. An executable file made this way doesn't create temporary files on the disk, it doesn't modify the registry to ensure that all the embedded files run as if they were real. The embedded files are extracted directly to the memory. With Autosave feature enabled all file changes in the virtual filesystem are stored in an encrypted archive.

Also it has an a new run-time engine on board with features like Windows 10 support and optional code signing.

- Creates encrypted archives using strong encryption algorithms
- Compression methods provides good compression rate and high speed
- Saves automatically projects
- Splashscreen image for loading screen
- Autosave Mode
- Icon support
- Code signing (optional)
- Supports commandline arguments
- Plugin system
- Configurable storage location
- Password protection
- Download automatically for updating packed files
- Icon and version info support
- Unicode support
- External parameter support
- Compatibility level mode

More information:

Buy now:

If you have questions and/or remarks don't hesitate to contact us (via our site).
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