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Thread: Linker behavior clang 32-bit

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Dean Clark

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Registered: 6/12/08
Linker behavior clang 32-bit
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  Posted: Mar 30, 2018 8:46 AM
Migrating (trying to) from classic compiler to Clang, 10.2.3.

The linker that comes with Clang doesn't seem to be as "smart" as the original one. For example, we have a project group made up of static libs, BPLs and DLLs, and an exe. Typically if a DLL uses something that's in one of the libs, we add the lib to the DLL project. The Clang linker seems to insist that everything in the lib is resolved, whether or not it's ever used. For example, it's complaining about many unresolved references in a form that is part of a lib, even though that form is never instantiated anywhere in the project group.

Is there an alternative linker? Will we have to move most things out of the libs?

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