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Patricio Cerda
Name: Patricio Cerda  
Registered: Mar 13, 2001
Total Posts: 122
Total Questions: 14 (6 unresolved)

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Boolean type does not work properly on a query
C++Builder » C++ Language, Feb 13, 2018
AsBoolean = true; Why my query is no working properly at the first time without the necessary value...
Re: Error message returning a TStringList
C++Builder » C++ Language, Jan 31, 2018
Remy Lebeau (TeamB) Everything here is clear and working with your explanation and suggestion, tha...
Error message returning a TStringList
C++Builder » C++ Language, Jan 29, 2018
Next(); } return ListaFolios; // This line is marked with red color by compiler } And my .h code...
Where to download InterBase XE7 Desktop version
InterBase » Installation, Jun 30, 2017
Hi, A customer lost the computer where I did the installation of the InterBase XE7 Desktop version ...
Import query does not work
Rapid SQL » General, May 19, 2017
Hi, I'm trying to import data using RapidSQL XE from a semicolon text file to a MS-SQL database tab...


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How to generate automatically an image from a simple text
C++Builder » C++ Language, Jun 11, 2016
Hi, I need some help to do the following: I have a C++ Builder application that manages products ...
How to pass local variables to an EventHandler
C++Builder » C++ Language, Nov 9, 2015
Hi, Is it possible to pass parameters to an event method? Which is the correct way to do that in ...
Integer to DateTime format convert method
C++Builder » C++ Language, Aug 28, 2015
Hi, I'm working on C++ Builder XE to importing Excel spreadsheets data, but sometimes the date ce...
C++ Builder Seattle links in 64bit, but won't link in either 32bit or OS X
C++Builder » IDE, Dec 25, 2015
Hi, The linking process of a simple application using C++ Builder Seattle doesn't work in 32bit n...
Only one series type on TeeChart Lite
C++Builder » Third Party Tools, Oct 1, 2014
Hello, I'm migrating an application from C++ Builder XE to XE5, but the TeeChart Lite of XE5 show...

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