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Flavio Basile
Name: Flavio Basile  
Registered: Feb 17, 2011
Total Posts: 83
Total Questions: 30 (23 unresolved)

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Re: XML - Null value for node
Delphi » XML, Mar 5, 2018
XML - Null value for node
Delphi » XML, Mar 5, 2018
Hi All, I have an XML where a Node has no value, as this: ..... Value1 Value2 .... I'm not...
Soap WSDL manipulation
Delphi » Web Services, Oct 11, 2017
Hi All, when you create a Soap Web Server, it expose the WSDL. There is a way to modify the WSDL fo...
Re: SOAP and Json
Delphi » Web Services, Oct 11, 2017
Pat Ritchey [TeamB Emeritus] Edited by: Flavio Basile on Oct 11, 2017 9:21 AM
SOAP and Json
Delphi » Web Services, Oct 10, 2017
Hi All, I have a Soap web service in Delphi. I need to transfer to my client a list of persons in J...


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Windows Server 2012
Delphi » Installation, Feb 1, 2016
Hi All, It is possible to install XE8 and Seattle on Windows Server 2012? Thanks, Flavio
Seattle, Android Deployment
Delphi » Deployment, Jun 30, 2016
Hi All, I have this error deploing a Android app: paclient command line c:\program files (x8...
Seattle IDE Error
Delphi » IDE, May 31, 2016
Hi All, with Delphi 10 Seattle, the File -> Open don't works: on click, IDE is closed. Any idea...
JSonObject Html value
Delphi » RTL, Sep 26, 2016
Hi all, from Wordpress, I retrive some posts; Post's text is an HTML text: ex: {code} '{"rend...

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