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Pier Nardin
Name: Pier Nardin  
Registered: Dec 23, 2006
Total Posts: 97
Total Questions: 11 (9 unresolved)

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Cancelling soap requests
Delphi » Web Services, Jul 23, 2017
I am using a ThttpRio component to connect to a soap server. Is it possible to cancel all requests m...
Re: TerminateThread function
Delphi » RTL, Jul 22, 2017
TerminateThread function
Delphi » RTL, Jul 21, 2017
I read on the internet that if you use the TerminateThread function on a thread the OnTerminate even...
TToolbar button borders
Delphi » Graphics, Mar 17, 2017
I am using a TToolbar in Delphi 10 but I can't seem to get borders to draw around the buttons. The T...
Re: Using two different scale vertical axes with 2 line graphs
Delphi » Reporting and Charting, Nov 2, 2016
you're dealing with...


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RAD Studio 10 Update 1
Delphi » IDE, Feb 8, 2016
I have purchased RAD Studio 10 with 1 year of Update subscriptions but I installed the version witho...
Using Delphi 5 in Windows 10
Delphi » IDE, Jan 27, 2016
Has anyone tried to install and use Delphi 5 in Windows 10? I had problems installing Delphi 5 and h...
Windows 10 GUI styles and Delphi
Delphi » IDE, Jan 27, 2016
I am using Delphi 10 on Windows 10 and I can’t see group box and other control borders in the IDE or...
Delphi » RTL, Feb 16, 2016
I have tried to use the GetModuleFileName function to get the pathname of an ISAPI dll but all I get...

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