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User Profile for Yves Depreitere
Yves Depreitere
Name: Yves Depreitere  
Registered: May 20, 2002
Total Posts: 61
Total Questions: 12 (5 unresolved)

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Re: Compiler and debug problem in C++ Builder Tokyo 10.2 Update 3
C++Builder » C++ Language, Apr 24, 2018
Every hint is appreciate. Sorry, can't help you with this one. I stumbled onto this quick "fix" by...
Re: Compiler and debug problem in C++ Builder Tokyo 10.2 Update 3
C++Builder » C++ Language, Apr 23, 2018
Any other clues? Same problem here with one project. I "solved" it by simply moving one file to th...
Re: Support android 64 bit development
Delphi » Non-Technical, Apr 1, 2018
Thanks An updated roadmap is imminent according to this
New Tokyo 10.2.3 release on the horizon
C++Builder » FireMonkey, Feb 13, 2018
According to the blog by Sarina (
Re: Latest XCode supported
Delphi » FireMonkey, Dec 24, 2017
Find hints, tips and tricks at Delphi Worlds blog: Thanks Dave ! Merr...


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OnClick point doesn't move with image (Android)
Attachments, May 29, 2017
By altering the position of an image within the 3D space I zoom in/out of an image, but the point wh...
No longer able to use Android/IOS platform after uninstall/install
C++Builder » Installation, Sep 15, 2016
Tried to reinstall twice, Android platform was listed in the to-install list Add platform is greyed...
TResourceStream XE7 with beta lollipop fixpack installed (Nexus 5 and 7)
C++Builder » Native API, Jul 28, 2015
I can't seem to read my images from the ResourceStream using Android, the same code works fine under...
Install FireDAC C/S AddOn pack in Rad Studio XE10.1 Berlin
Delphi » Installation, Apr 26, 2016
After installation of Rad Studio XE10.1 Berlin with the new online installer, the windows menu optio...
Latest version of XCode for XE7
Delphi » Native API, Aug 27, 2015
Some time ago I upgraded XCode to 6.4. Yesterday I finally got round to compiling my program for OSX...

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