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Francisco Peris
Name: Francisco Peris  
Registered: Jan 5, 2015
Total Posts: 91
Total Questions: 18 (7 unresolved)

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Re: Android apps must have 64-bit support by August 2019
Delphi » Platform Specific » Android, Feb 1, 2018
Remy, thanks for the info. However, I think you have good contacts at Embarcadero to know how they ...
Re: Some General advice on how to move forward. ios and Tokyo
Delphi » FireMonkey, Jan 15, 2018
Considering my experience, you will not have any big problem. The idea of Firemonkey is doing that....
Re: TEdit nigtmare problem (Tokyo 10.2.2 and all below)
Delphi » FireMonkey, Jan 10, 2018
Ok, so the corrector is changing the text. As expected by the user, because the user has selected th...
Re: Tokyo update release 2 => worse than ever :(
Delphi » FireMonkey, Dec 31, 2017
In my case I am happy with 10.2.2 Android start of my "main" app is 50% faster in Android. What it ...
Re: missing PackageApplication in 10.2.2. Application Store configuration. [Edit]
Delphi » Platform Specific » iOS, Dec 30, 2017
Thanks Dave for your answer. * Delphi version is OK. * PAserver Mac side version is OK. I could ...


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Is there any way of saving a TrectF as a jpg file?
Delphi » FireMonkey, Jun 30, 2017
{code} var tmpRect: TRectF; tmpRect := Chart1.GetRectangle; //it is a Teechart tmpWidth :=...
Adding a variable number of tabs
Delphi » FireMonkey, Jun 28, 2017
I need to copy some text to the clipboard. The text is separated by tabs, #9. My problem is that ...
Suddenly, error when compiling.
Delphi » Platform Specific » OSX, Jul 21, 2017
I do not what happens... follows the error: Checking project dependencies... Compiling MainProg....
Uploading to the store. ICNs file problem
Delphi » Platform Specific » OSX, Mar 25, 2016
Hi there: When uploading an app to the OSX store I receive this error message : ROR ITMS-90236...
Productbuild signature problem
Delphi » Platform Specific » OSX, Mar 9, 2016
I have been uploading apps to the Iphone store with no problems. Then I want to upload the same a...

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