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Re: ODBCDAC for Delphi
Delphi » Database » ADO, Jan 4, 2018
What are advantages over FD or built in ADO?
Slow Performance with Firedac/ Access DB with post
Delphi » Database » FireDAC, Dec 28, 2017
Migrating(Upgrading - hmm not sure yet) to Firedac from ADO for database that uses MS Access DB. Ber...
Re: Android Service sendcommands make the app not responsive
Delphi » FireMonkey, Oct 30, 2017
the app is not responsive in startread . what could be the problem ?
Re: Speed improvement?
Delphi » Platform Specific » Android, Sep 20, 2017
Re: TidTCPServer AV when TCP port open to internet
Delphi » Winsock, Aug 28, 2017
Thanks Remmy Ill be sure to look into MIME.


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TidTCPServer AV when TCP port open to internet
Delphi » Winsock, Aug 24, 2017
(Update: AV error was actually in my code - freeing an object variable that was not initialized when...
TNetEncoding Base64 Routine - is this a bug?
Delphi » Language » General, May 5, 2017
hi can someone with more knowledge than my tell me the SetLength(Result, Estimate); shouldnt be Est...
Datasnap Trace and Wireshark show extra characters in string
DataSnap, Apr 30, 2017
Hello Does anyone know where to find where Datasnap is adding extra characters in the JSON "Data"...
3D rotation of Objects - Help Please
Delphi » FireMonkey, Jun 24, 2017
Hi Hoping someone can share some code for changing a normalized TPoint3D (or TVector3D) into Rot...
Importing 3D mesh .DAE file from blender in FMX is broken
Delphi » FireMonkey, Jun 15, 2017
Anyone know what settings work with exporting blender files as .dae or .obj works? Only work arou...

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