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Oliver Weinheimer
Name: Oliver Weinheimer  
Registered: Aug 20, 2004
Total Posts: 73
Total Questions: 5 (3 unresolved)

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Re: Compiling Midas into a 64 Bit Windows Application
C++Builder » Database » Multi-Tier, Nov 3, 2017
Compile lib (Maybe some project options have to be changed). Worked for me, maybe there is another...
Re: Who mostly uses RAD Studio
C++Builder » C++ Language, Sep 19, 2017 So I am working in the medical imaging field ...
Re: Who mostly uses RAD Studio
C++Builder » C++ Language, Sep 19, 2017
Hi - I am using C++Builder since version 5. Focus of my work here at the university is on image proc...
Re: 10.2.1 link error
C++Builder » IDE, Sep 12, 2017
Do you have a delay loaded library? If yes - maybe you can load the library directly. That was the ...
Re: 10.2.1 link error
C++Builder » IDE, Sep 8, 2017
Maybe this thread helps:


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Exception handling does not work in one project!
C++Builder » C++ Language, Jun 21, 2017
Hello - I have again problems with the exception handling in C++Builder. I am building for Win64 ...
try catch problem with TZDecompressionStream
C++Builder » C++ Language, May 3, 2017
Hi - the following code in a function call works perfect if the loaded compressed file is ok - but i...
platform independent C++ code
C++Builder » C++ Language, Feb 6, 2016
Hello, I am trying to convert parts of a larger project to platform independent C++ code. So I a...
performance of 64bit output and other questions
C++Builder » C++ Language, Oct 26, 2015
I ported a large project form XE7 to Seattle. Porting was not a large problem (first positive surpr...
TClientDataSet 64bit midas.dll
C++Builder » Database » DBExpress, Dec 15, 2015
I am using TClientDataSet in a self written database interface class. This database class is used i...

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