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User Profile for Francisco Armando Dueñas Rodriguez
Francisco Armando Dueñas Rodriguez
Name: Francisco Armando Dueñas Rodriguez  
Registered: Mar 3, 2001
Total Posts: 11
Total Questions: 3 (3 unresolved)

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Re: TFDTable Master/Detail MasterTable post does not post DetailTables
Delphi » Database » FireDAC, Apr 18, 2018
Greetings, Nils. Is your master-detail setup by query Parameters in the detail query? ex: SQL prop...
Re: Copy data from dataset to another with copied records marked for insert
Delphi » Database » FireDAC, Apr 18, 2018
I am looking for a fast way to copy all records in one FDQuery to another FDQuery, but I would need...
Re: Error opening FireDac Mem Table
Delphi » Database » FireDAC, Apr 18, 2018
TIA Did you changed that object from TkbmMemtable to TFDMemtable?, IIRC '__MT__DEFAULT_' is an aut...
Re: Odd Error message in tfdquery
Delphi » Database » FireDAC, Apr 9, 2018
field. Hi do you have any DbLookup field on other dataset that could point to a field that is curr...
Re: Pass transactions to DLL
Delphi » Database » FireDAC, Apr 7, 2018
Edited by: Dawid Najgiebauer on Mar 8, 2018 11:24 PM check:


Recent Questions:
Mysql SP Func Metadata error:Variable length column[PARAM_TYPENAME]overflow
Delphi » Database » FireDAC, Apr 7, 2018
Delphi: Tokio 10.2.3 FD Version: 25.29899 (build 2631) BD: MariaDB 10.2.14 / Mysql 5.7 Hi there...
How to use Centralized updates with master-detail and custom-generated key?
Delphi » Database » FireDAC, Oct 27, 2015
Hi I ave read some documentation of how to use Master-detail relationship using the centralized cach...
What IDEs are supported in Latest FireDAC? I Plan it for XE
Delphi » Database » FireDAC, Mar 20, 2015
Hi Dmitry: HI I Plan to acquire a Client-Server pack to be used in delphi XE, does latest FireDAC s...

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