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Nigel Thomas
Name: Nigel Thomas  
Registered: Apr 26, 2007
Total Posts: 15
Total Questions: 1

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Re: Floating point exception on DXE10.2 but not on D7. Why?
Delphi » RTL, Jan 25, 2018
_Data[0]:= _e; // Sam Check the Compiler option Overflow Checking. I believe in later ...
Re: Build Errors when building from the IDE - 10.1 Berlin
Delphi » IDE, Dec 20, 2017
Any idea what might be causing this and/or how to fix it? Do you by any chance have an online back...
Re: Delphi equivalent for TDateTime.FormatString
Delphi » Language » General, Nov 5, 2017
datetime. Is VarToDateTime whay you might be looking for? Nigel
Re: Old versions part of new purchase?
Delphi » IDE, Nov 2, 2017
Nigel Perhaps I should have refreshed my messages list before replying..
Re: Old versions part of new purchase?
Delphi » IDE, Nov 2, 2017
when one purchases a new RAD Studio Professional? This system is still in place, but - as I believ...


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Why does NtCreateKey fail in 64bit program?
Delphi » Native API, Oct 18, 2014
Using Delphi XE5. The code below works correctly when compiled as a 32bit program; the registry k...

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