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Hassan Farzadeh
Name: Hassan Farzadeh  
Registered: Mar 16, 2000
Total Posts: 8
Total Questions: 1 (1 unresolved)

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Re: Tokyo Update 2 is there...
Delphi » Non-Technical, Dec 14, 2017
I have and the 'tab' navigation does NOT work. Maybe, it's me. But it used to work under Delphi Ber...
Re: Were do people go to find work on applications written in Delphi?
Delphi » Non-Technical, Nov 29, 2017
I find about 10 Delphi jobs in the entire USA. I know they are selling this product to somebody.
Re: how to permit someone to try our ios app when the app is not yet available in the app store ?
Delphi » FireMonkey, Nov 14, 2017
The review for release to external testing is not as rigorous as the one for releasing on the app s...
Re: [XE7][IOS] Problem with code signing
Delphi » FireMonkey, Nov 26, 2014
simply use MS Paint to resize (pixel option, proportional off) the screen shots you do have , to th...
Re: [XE7][IOS] Problem with code signing
Delphi » FireMonkey, Nov 26, 2014
John Frazier (Embarcadero Newsgroup Admin) Thanks for clarification John. I was desperate and hen...


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XE7 Update1 issue with iPhone 6 / 6+ simulator
Delphi » Platform Specific » iOS, Nov 16, 2014
I have installed XE7 with Update 1 and can certainly see many performance improvements as well as su...

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