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Alex Belo
Name: Alex Belo  
Registered: Oct 8, 2006
Total Posts: 606

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Re: Wrong scaling of controls with anchors on a PageControl
C++Builder » VCL » Using Components, Mar 16, 2018
this? Could you explain it in more detail? You can patch system source files and use them in your ...
Re: Delphi 10.2.3: What tools to trace memory leaks?
Delphi » Language » General, Mar 15, 2018 Also take a look into the madExcept: http...
Re: After apply Tokyo update 3 doesn't work FireMonkey applications
Delphi » Installation, Mar 15, 2018
This is official site as i undertand but there is no any answers. This is official user's forum wh...
Re: 'PWS0' in module 'pwsclass' clashes with module pwsclass_0
C++Builder » Non-Technical, Mar 13, 2018
that should now be compiled appears like it has not been compiled. Make sure that you have not 2 c...
Re: Powercut and Loss of Code :(
Delphi » Third Party Tools » General, Mar 8, 2018
address 00000000. It seems that you can use only survivor pieces of code in newly created project....



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