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User Profile for Moritz Beutel
Moritz Beutel
Name: Moritz Beutel  
Registered: Jan 19, 2007
Total Posts: 62
Location M├╝nster, Germany

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Re: Delphu Universal Windows applications?
Delphi » Non-Technical, Jun 10, 2015
FreePascal gets around it by simply delegating to the VC++ runtime and let it handle everything. N...
Re: Castalia
Delphi » Non-Technical, Jan 27, 2015
purchased either the product or the entire company. that would certainly explain the press release...
Re: Security of native code mobile apps
Delphi » Non-Technical, Oct 12, 2014
Managed apps at in fact distributed as byte code, with almost all rtti. is that actually the case?...
Re: Windows 10 and Delphi
Delphi » Non-Technical, Oct 5, 2014
Back in 2005-2007 Delphi apps could run on top of .Net runtime. I don't know technical details of t...
Re: Windows 10 and Delphi
Delphi » Non-Technical, Oct 3, 2014
note that I'm talking about the Modern UI file dialogs. They are different on purpose, because non...



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