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Ilya S
Name: Ilya S  
Registered: Jan 8, 2010
Total Posts: 21
Total Questions: 2 (1 unresolved)

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Re: How many *currently* Delphi programmers and does it worth to invest on it?
Delphi » Non-Technical, Jul 25, 2016
AG Hi! Surely you might have meant to ask "how many", haven't you? I don't know the answer to your...
Re: How are people coping with DPI awareness in Berlin 10.1?
Delphi » Non-Technical, Jul 14, 2016
If you are interested, have a look at RSP-14231 and RSP-142912. I'm sorry, but neither RSP-142912 ...
Re: False File Recovery warning
Delphi » Non-Technical, Jul 11, 2016
contains an entry with the folder which doesn't exists anymore. I Thanks!
Re: Bad news for Delphi?
Delphi » Non-Technical, Jun 28, 2016
Nice! Gurock Software acquired by IDERA S...
Re: Delphi 10.1 Berlin
Delphi » Non-Technical, Apr 21, 2016
Delphi 10.X Eyjafjallajokull Has this future name suggestion been reported to QC already?


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Microsoft Bounty Programs Expansion
Delphi » Non-Technical, Oct 21, 2015
With Microsoft expanding Bounty program

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