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Donald Bossen
Name: Donald Bossen  
Registered: Feb 3, 2002
Total Posts: 81
Total Questions: 38 (27 unresolved)

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Re: Passing Form as Pararamiter and it understand a function on that form
Delphi » Language » General, Apr 19, 2018
really solve the problem you are trying to solve. When I started the idea was than I had 2 program...
Passing Form as Pararamiter and it understand a function on that form
Delphi » Language » General, Apr 18, 2018
Here is my code. procedure TFrmSendOrder.BtnPrintClick(Sender: TObject); var Form : TForm; b...
Http Error on Get UnKnowen Protocol
Delphi » Winsock, Mar 22, 2018
0 then begin Stream.Position := 0; ...
Percent of file goes wrong
Delphi » Language » General, Mar 1, 2018
Some Thing is wrong whit this simple Percent reading. private TotalBitsRead : Cardinal; ...
Re: How Do I tell if the internet is down
Delphi » Winsock, Jan 24, 2018
Remy Lebeau (TeamB) Looking at the Object Inspector for TidHttp I see no timeout properties listed....


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Delphi » IDE, Oct 12, 2017
Here is all my code. Calling Program unit Main; interface uses Winapi.Windows, Winapi.Mes...
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Delphi » IDE, Oct 11, 2017
From Getit in 10.2 I installed LockBox. I have projects run with components add under older versions...
IDE will not stay on the monitor I place on
Delphi » IDE, Jun 30, 2017
I am using window 10 and Rad 10.2. I put the IDE on monitor 2 like I have done with any other IDE I ...
Service going to No where
Delphi » IDE, Oct 6, 2016
My Code unit Main; interface uses Winapi.Windows, Winapi.Messages, System.SysUtils, System...

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