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Tag: library

Messages tagged with library: 43
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Subject Author Forum Modification Date
ANN: Storage Stream Library beta released 3delite General Mar 13, 2018
How to create a local Android Service streaming audio Guest Android Feb 18, 2018
Re: DXE6 - Class not registered error Using ActiveX Jan 29, 2018
Re: Using .NET library with a Delphi XE7 application. ASP .NET Jan 11, 2018
Why C++Builder programmers can not Fix/Build their own OpenCv Header/Lib? rocarobin C++ Language Jan 5, 2018
tidhtttp User-Agent: Mozilla/3.0 (compatible; Indy Library) as a threat Winsock Nov 9, 2017
Using a QRCode Reader in FireMonkey kdym FireMonkey Oct 19, 2017
TParallel.For loop and stride=1 for only two separate threads wilfriedvisser RTL Oct 9, 2017
How to: Creating a Lib in Delphi and using is from other Android dev tools? YogiYang007 Android Oct 1, 2017
Re: Accessing .NET DLLs from Delphi [Edit] Non-Technical Sep 6, 2017
.Net Assemblies/WSDL Import Utility for Delphi Interoperability with .NET Aug 27, 2017
Re: Importing a .Net DLL into a Delphi 10 DLL project IDE Aug 22, 2017
Re: GAC'ed VB dot Net assembly not appearing under Registered assemblies Interoperability with .NET Aug 17, 2017
Re: Unable to talk correctly to a .NET SOAP webservice Web Services Aug 17, 2017
Re: Using System.Security.Cryptography from MS .NET in Delphi Installation Aug 17, 2017
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