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Thread: ANN: sgcBiometrics 1.0

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Sergio Gomez

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Registered: 5/14/12
ANN: sgcBiometrics 1.0
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  Posted: Apr 15, 2018 11:03 AM
sgcBiometrics is a package based on Microsoft Windows Biometric Framework, which support the consistent development and management of biometric devices such as fingerprint readers.

sgcBiometrics can access to 2 different type of Pool Sensors:

System Pool Sensor: A collection of sharable biometric units that provide access to Windows authentication services. This pool is used by Winlogon, UAC, and any other client that associates a SID with a specific biometric template. Each biometric service provider has one system sensor pool.

Private Pool Sensor: A collection of biometric units allocated for exclusive use by a client application. Private pools can support authentication scenarios that are not Windows-based, and they make it possible for an application to access the hardware of a biometric unit in a vendor-defined fashion (example: user login to an application like ERP).

Initial release supports FingerPrint sensors, system pool sensors and private pool sensors. More info:

You can download an already compiled demo which shows main features. A Fingerprint reader with support for WBF (example: compatible with Windows Hello) is required and Windows 7 or later.

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