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Thread: Compiler warnings as errors

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Jon Robertson

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Registered: 9/22/99
Compiler warnings as errors
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  Posted: Apr 18, 2018 2:14 PM
I've been using Delphi XE7 for a while now and I'm upgrading to Tokyo 10.2.3. I'm seeing an odd issue with Compiler Warnings on an upgraded project.

The compiler is ignoring the "as errors" option for "Output warnings", which should cause the compiler to treat all warnings as errors. If I change a specific warning to "Error", the compiler behaves as expected.

However, this is only occurring on existing projects that have been upgraded. If I start a new project in 10.2.3, "Output warnings as errors" works as expected.

Has anyone else seen this? I could not find a mention of it in the forum.

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