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Thread: Anomalies in user country info and user country histogram

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Enquiring Mind

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Anomalies in user country info and user country histogram
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  Posted: May 26, 2014 7:46 AM

I occasionally click on the "Online users" ... More info ... link in the forum website home page to see what countries users are from. I have noticed inconsistent and sometimes erroneous country information being displayed. Anomalies include:

1. The country for a specific user sometimes changes between one web page request and another.
2. The country is sometimes indicated as unknown, and sometimes as known.

This creates the impression that there is a simple bug in the web app that generates the page - a bug that could easily be corrected. The fact that the error has persisted over the several years that I have been using the website does not reflect too well on EMBT's ability to produce reliable code. It can't be that difficult to extract a registered user's country's ID from a database and display the country's name and flag in an HTML table.

I think it would be useful to publish another web page that displays a histogram of numbers of registered users by country, so that we can see the level of interest in EMBT products around the world. To produce such a web page should not take more than a couple of hours for any developer that has ever produced a histogram chart before, and is familiar with the forum database.

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