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Thread: TBackendUsers and TBackendQuery not returning correct results

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Connor Webster

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Registered: 7/29/14
TBackendUsers and TBackendQuery not returning correct results
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  Posted: Jul 16, 2014 5:34 PM

I'm trying to query my Users table from my Kinvey app using either of the following functions:

TBackendUsers.Users.QueryUsers(AQuery: String Array; jsonArray: JSONArray)
This passes the query in the String Array and returns the query results in a JSON format Array

This executes the Query in TBackendQuery.QueryLines and returns the results in TBackendQuery.JSONResult

No matter what I put for either queries, I get all my users back, even if I use a valid query that returns the correct results in the Kinvey backend console.

Has anyone got either of these functions to work / these components to return the correct query results?

I have spoken to Kinvey about this situation and they believe it is something to do with the functions in the Delphi components, as the queries work fine on their website.


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