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Thread: how to implement multiple graphic devices...

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Filippo Forlani

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Registered: 7/23/99
how to implement multiple graphic devices...
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  Posted: Oct 15, 2014 2:33 AM
I am going to create:
- a list of graphics objects, starting from primitives like point, line, polyline etc. (TGrObj);
- a list of objects that provide different device contests, like googleearth, autocad, glsceneviewers, bitmap canvas etc. (TGrDevice)
and I would like to decide to which graphic device draw objects, independetly, something like: TGrObj.drawto(TGrDevice) or TGrDevice.drawlist(list of TGrObj)....

I would appreciate hints to do it efficiently and enough "independently".
(I should use interfaces? if yes.. how?)

thanks in advance,
Filippo Forlani
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