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Thread: ANN: Open Source SynDBRemote for SQL execution via HTTP remote access

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ANN: Open Source SynDBRemote for SQL execution via HTTP remote access
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  Posted: Nov 18, 2014 9:24 AM
The newly introduced Open Source SynDBRemote.pas unit allows you to create database applications that perform SQL operations on a remote HTTP server, instead of a database server.

Note that even if this is part of our mORMot framework, this feature is implemented outside the ORM/SOA scope, in a stand-alone unit, only tied to our SynDB.pas direct RDBMS access layer.
For instance, you can change any local SQLite3 instance into a client-server RDBMS, in one line of code, or using our SynDBExplorer tool.
Or leverage an existing Delphi rich client application to use HTTP instead of direct DB connection for executing its SQL statements.

The transmission protocol uses an optimized binary format, which is compressed and digitally signed on both ends, and the remote user authentication will be performed via a challenge validation scheme.
It can by-pass DB.pas and DBExpress/FireDAC, for even further performance (with direct ODBC, OleDB, Oracle or ZDBC access).
At writing, it supports array binding, for bulk insert. At reading, data is compressed and optionally directly put into TDataset binary buffers.
You can also publish your server over HTTPS, if needed.

Works with Delphi 6 up to XE7 - Unicode even before Delphi 2009.
Under Win32/Win64 the HTTP server is the very stable http.sys API in kernel mode.
Compiles and run also with FPC, on both Windows and Linux.

Take a look at this blog article

The high-level documentation is available at
and the API at

And the forum post is

Feedback is welcome!
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