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Thread: This nice new IDE

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Peter Kane

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Registered: 5/18/00
This nice new IDE
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  Posted: Feb 3, 2015 9:23 AM
WARNING to Nick Hodges: Please anchor yourself securely before reading any further. I’d hate for you to injure yourself by falling from your chair.

After a very long time, I have finally begun to get to grips with Unicode, sufficiently for me to begin to migrate from Delphi7 to... Delphi 2010. Well, its start. And now that I’ve started to use it I must admit I actually prefer Delphi 2010 to Delphi 7 ! (Klunk – there goes NH). Well my mum always said I was a late developer.

Just in case there’s anyone else out there for whom Unicode is still a barrier, I found the papers by Marco Cantu, Nick Hodges, Cary Jenson and others to be essential reading (four or five times). Having done that, the thing that really helped me to leave ansi behind was a peek at the Strings Unit. My D7 code includes an awful lot of parsing and ReadLn; the Strings stuff showed me the way forward.

One area that I anticipated loads of problems was streaming ( I have some quite complicated custom streaming of nested components , including third-part stuff for which I have no source). It all went very smoothly. Things like that don’t happen by chance; whoever designed Delphi streaming mechanisms was a real star.

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