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Thread: Serious Form scaling problems on Windows 8.1

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Sanjay Kanade

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Registered: 10/26/98
Serious Form scaling problems on Windows 8.1
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  Posted: Feb 4, 2015 6:12 AM
I'm using C++ Builder XE4. The auto scaling of the forms works quite well on Windows 7 even at 150% Text Size setting (DPI). But the auto scaling completely fails on Windows 8.1 for 150% and above. The menus are cramped together, the toolbars are half painted and many dialogs become totally unreadable as the controls overlay each other. Are you aware of these problems? Have they been fixed?

I have seen many threads on stack overflow with alternate solutions but my point is, the auto scaling is working very well on Windows 7. So there must be a simpler reason for this bug. Perhaps, it is related to the default font on Windows 8.1 being different which is probably used by VCL scaling logic. I will appreciate any solution to this problem as soon as possible. It must be affecting many other applications developed in Delphi/C++ Builder.

This problem is serious because the higher DPI setting seems to be quite commonly used with newer Windows 8.1 tablets.
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