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Thread: It's seems to be a bug in then embarcadero forumes !

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Babak Yaghoobi ...

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Registered: 1/2/01
It's seems to be a bug in then embarcadero forumes !
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  Posted: Feb 12, 2015 5:42 AM

I think, There is a bug in these forums! or maybe I've been wrong !

A few days ago, I changed my login name ! (for example: x1 -> x2 ) then all my posts counter changed to zero, After I realized it, I rollbacked to my main login name,
But after many testing, I realized that any users can be change login name anytime repeatedly and changing display name, they can be post anything with named new user !

For example:
1) Click my account link in top of site.
2) Click "Change my login details" in left menu bar.
3) Change your login name and password
4) Click "Edit my account information" in left menu bar
5) If you want, you can change First & Last name
6) Logout and Login with your new login name!
7) go forums and post anything with posts = 0 named new user
8) Then repeat from 1 and again and again !

I think, website admin must be disable changing login name !

Kind Regards
Babak Yaghoobi
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