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Thread: TADOQuery Throwing "S1000HY000connection is busy with results..."

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Debbie Erickson

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TADOQuery Throwing "S1000HY000connection is busy with results..."  
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  Posted: Jul 28, 2015 3:38 PM
Hi. I asked this question back in 2011 and never got a satisfactory response. My supervisor told me to drop it. But this is now happening to a customer and has become a hot topic again. Hoping I'll get something more helpful this time around. :)

Here are the details. I have an application written in Delphi 7. For my connection string, I check to see what operating system it is being run on. If the OS is Windows 8.0 and greater, I use sqlncli.11, otherwise I use sqlncli.1. The error happens ONLY when connected to a SQL2005 instance when on an XP. It never happens in any other circumstance. I've attached to SQL2008 and SQL2012 instances from the XP and have never encountered this error. I can run the application on Windows 7 using the same instance and do not see the error. I know our application is not designed for multiple result sets, but I thought I'd give it a shot to see if I'd see an improvement. While in the Delphi debugger, I changed the connection string to include the phrase "multipleactiveresultsets=true". After the TADOConnection is opened, the MARS has been forced to false when I hover over the opened connection.

I don't know if it matters, but the connection is not thru ODBC. The sqlncli.1 is version 2005.90.3042.0. I honestly don't think throwing a MARS phrase in the connection string is the best way to fix this. Besides, it seems something overrode the setting in the connection upon opening it.

Please, does anybody have something else I can try?
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