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Thread: Installing ADOX_TLB in Delphi 2009

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geoff Downes

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Registered: 10/4/08
Installing ADOX_TLB in Delphi 2009  
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  Posted: Aug 28, 2015 4:37 AM
I am trying to get ADOX_TLB installed in my Delphi 2009 trying to follow the process in

Basically the sequence presented is

To use ADOX in Delphi, you should establish a reference to the ADOX type library.
1. Select Project | Import Type Library
2. Choose "Microsoft ADO Ext 2.x for DDL and Security (Version 2.x)"
3a. Change "TTable" to "TADOXTable"
3b. Change "TColumn" to "TADOXColumn"
3c. Change "TIndex" to "TADOXIndex"
3d. Change "TKey" to "TADOXKey"
3e. Change "TGroup" to "TADOXGroup"
3f. Change "TUser" to "TADOXUser"
3g. Change "TCatalog" to "TADOXCatalog"
4. Press Install button (rebuilding packages)
5. Press OK once and Yes twice
6. File | Close All | Yes

But when I follow this sequence it doesn't allow changes to TTable etc in the "Class names" line. Can anyone advise on how to make these changes?
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