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Thread: on the speed the draw and scroll of a bitmap using openGL?

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loki loki

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on the speed the draw and scroll of a bitmap using openGL?  
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  Posted: Dec 2, 2015 3:24 AM

i m on firemonkey, testing with android

i have lot of small bitmap to draw on a canvas and let the possiblilty to the user to scroll them (something like the instagram or facebook wall).

originally i want to put a scrollbox, and inside the scrollbox put a lot of small TRectangle and draw inside of each TRectangle the small Tbitmap

the result is a disaster, the scroll is really ugly and not fluid at all !

so i decide to draw directly on a Tpaintbox Canvas on make the scroll with listening the gesture event !

this work much more better.

now to have the optimum speed i think to use instead of a canvas directly openGL api !

my idea (say if i m wrong) will be to draw in memory a big bitmap of all the small bitmap, and send directly this bitmap to the memory of the video card (framebuffer?)

but i have no idea how to do this :( i even not sure if i need to build a big bitmap of all the small bitmap or if i can send directly each small bitmap to the video card memory.

so any advice, sample, etc will be welcome :)

thanks by advance !
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