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Thread: Run Application on Remote PC with HTML5 from mobile device

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Enrico Pergola

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Run Application on Remote PC with HTML5 from mobile device  
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  Posted: Apr 3, 2016 1:24 PM
I have googled for days, still no answer.
Thi is the scenario:
I have a windows delphi database app (tried with dll, as well) on a PC connected to the web.
I want to be able to send a request form any mobile, using the web browser, to the remote PC
that should run LOCALLY=i*n the PC RAM* the app, create a html table that can be sent as a response
to the mobile device.
I saw some exampl using html5 to laucnh an app or adll but nothing works.
So the question is: is ther a way to run LOCALLY (= *in the remote PC RAM*) a windows app using the browser?
I see thta many answers converge on 'security issues', but it seems that they refer to run an exe from the remote site directly on the local RAM. I do not want that. I hope I explained well what i plan to do.


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