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Thread: Embedding fonts in PDF Files

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Richard Williams

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Embedding fonts in PDF Files  
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  Posted: May 18, 2016 2:12 AM
I wonder if anyone can give me a steer as to where to look for information for my problem.

I am developing a TObject descendant to behave in a manner similar to a TPrinter() object, only it creates a basic version 1.3 PDF file. It is so that I can finish a cross stitch chart creation program that can save the chart with internal hyperlinks etc, instead of having a dead document of the sort you have when using a PDF printer. The program takes a digital picture, converts the pixel colours to thread colours, then prints out a stitch location map for where to put each thread colour. Sounds fairly simply, but the results can be quite spectacular.

I am using BCB4Pro, and so far have an object that will create a multi-page PDF, have text, bitmaps, hyperlinks, graphical entities such as lines Bezier lines, ellipses, rectangles etc. To make it easy to use I am trying to structure the way it works in a manner similar to the TPrinter, and having equivalents for most of the relevant TPrinter and TCanvas methods (eg BeginDocument(), NewPage(), Rectangle(), Draw() etc). In fact, the main omissions from the TCanvas equivalent methods at the moment are Pies, Chords and Arcs.

The biggest thing I am stuck with, though, is when it comes to Truetype fonts and how to embed them in the pdf file. I think my lack of knowledge is the problem preventing me from knowing what I need to learn. I wonder if someone could help with some of my problems.

I think there is not enough information in the VCL encapsulation of the system fonts for me to get the required font data. Is this right?
I think the Win32SDK GetFontData() and OUTLINETEXTMETRIC() are the main functions that will give me the info I need. Is this correct?
I don't think I know enough about the way fonts are stored in windows, Can anyone point me to an online resource that will give me a good functional description?

Many thanks in advance,


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