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Thread: Business Opportunity for the right person...

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Bob Reeves

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Registered: 8/28/03
Business Opportunity for the right person...
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  Posted: Jun 24, 2016 2:25 AM
OK, I know the stigma "Business Opportunity" carries but this is legitimate. I am 72 years old and ready to actually retire. I would like to find someone with the skills and resources needed to take over my business. I have been developing and selling Thrill Ride Photo Systems for coasters for almost 20 years. Seems a shame if all the information I have gained over the years and everything I have developed just goes away when I do.

I semi retired a few years ago and quit running all over the country to amusement parks and carnivals but kept developing software and dabbling in the amusement business. Presently marketing a Ride photo system the customer can build and install themselves but am leaving a large market on the table because I no longer travel. With a little marketing and networking this could easily be turned into a very lucrative venture.

With zero marketing other than a dated web site I have been averaging about $25,000.00 a year in sales. This could be easily increased to over $100,000.00 for a one man show, with proper marketing and someone willing to travel. Before I semi retired, with 2 additional employees we were averaging $400,000.00 in sales per year. The opportunity is there, now I'm just too old and too tired to aggressively go after it.

You would receive a Desk Top computer with a dual boot configuration that allows it to boot either to Windows XP or Windows 7.
It will have C++ Builder 5 plus XE 5 development environments installed with the source code and support libraries for all of the Coaster applications. This will make it very easy to get up to speed on software development, simply hook the computer up to two monitors and you are in business. The computer will also contain the applications and files for all the electronics. Board layouts, schematics etc. Will transfer all applicable software licenses and codes for commercial software installed on the computer.

Over the course of developing the Coaster system we have acquired several pieces of hardware and components that would be included in the sale. This includes 4 Allied Vision GigE cameras plus other miscellaneous lenses, cables, test fixtures, circuit boards and hardware.

1. AVT Prosilica GX1920C 1936 X 1456 40fps GigE Color $2,995.00
1. AVT Manta G201C 1624 X 1234 GigE 14fps Color $1,350.00
1. AVT Prosilica GC1290C 1280 X 960 GigE 32fps Color $1,125.00
1. AVT Prosilica GC2450C 2448 X 2050 GigE 15fps Color $3,450.00

The person I am looking for needs to have some experience with Windows and C or C++, he or she also needs to know enough about basic electronics to read a schematic and solder circuit boards. Having enough money to afford to travel to a couple trade shows and survive for the first year would make the transition fairly painless.

On top of supplying everything you will need to get the business rolling I will supply contact info for existing customers and make myself available as a consultant via email for one full year. Asking $50,000.00 and would consider financing with 50% down at 10% apr on the balance.
Email bob at somethinxtra dit com with questions

Edited by: Bob Reeves on Jun 24, 2016 2:28 AM
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