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Thread: Thanks for your help. PDFObject offered as a thank you.

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Richard Williams

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Registered: 6/4/05
Thanks for your help. PDFObject offered as a thank you.
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  Posted: Nov 17, 2016 5:40 AM
I am very grateful for the help that I have received on this forum, but due to the relatively low level of my knowledge I have not been able to return the favour in a really meaningful way by answering question posts. Nonetheless, I feel an obligation to say thanks as I have been helped out of more than one hole.

Instead, I would like to offer the source code for a basic PDF file creation unit for you to download. It's a descendant of TObject, and only the C++ Builder units (.h & .cpp files) are offered. The object creates a v1.3 PDF file and behaves in a manner similar to the TPrinter() object, apart from the fact the page location is addressed in millimetres from the top left corner rather than pixels. It is all rather simple, but can be incorporated into any C++ builder program. I started writing it with C++ Builder 4, and currently have it in 10.1 Berlin, so it should work with any version.

I know there is a Delphi unit (Debenu Quick PDF), but I couldn't get that to work in RAD Studio 10.1 with C++ Builder, which is why I ended up writing my own one.

If you wish to look at the web page describing it, take a look here:
For the download (about 30k of source code & an example pdf file), download the zip file:

If you find it of use, please let me know - it's always a pleasant surprise to find someone who uses my work.


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