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Thread: ER Studio Data Architect - Oracle 11g DDL Generation - VARCHAR2

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Brian Bertalot

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ER Studio Data Architect - Oracle 11g DDL Generation - VARCHAR2  
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  Posted: Jan 17, 2017 2:14 PM

We recently ran into a problem on our database/modeling. We are currently using Oracle 11gR2 as our database. The problem that arose was with special characters. The source allows for special characters to come through but our database tables don't directly allow for it. The column size and datatype are both 100% match between the source and target tables. However, because of the special characters, the target table is erroring out on the data inserts that contain special characters(the character sets are both defined the same way between source and target). After some investigation, it was found that there was a slight(but major) difference between the source and target column. The difference was that the source defines the column as XYZ VARCHAR2(50 CHAR). On the flip side, the target is defined as XYZ VARCHAR2(50 BYTE). The difference is in how the database handles the BYTE vs a CHAR when defining the VARCHAR2 column since the CHAR will allow for the database to hold special characters but the BYTE will try to take up multiple character spaces for a special character which could present a problem when the data maxes out the defined data size. The question here is whether or not anyone knows of an option in ER Studio Data Architect that will allow us to define whether a VARCHAR2 column is VARCHAR2(X BYTE) or a VARCHAR2(X CHAR). If there is not a way to do this, it'll be a big time consumer to manually have to edit every single VARCHAR2 column to be defined as a VARCHAR2(X CHAR) in the DDL files before building the target tables. Has anyone encountered this on the tool side? Our DBAs recommended not changing the global variable setting for building VARACHAR2 columns to be CHAR instead of BYTE so there doesn't seem much option except to do it on ER Studio Data Architect's side or manually do it.

Thank you in advance.
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