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Thread: Problem with Media Player always positioning itself above

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Willer Figueiredo

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Registered: 4/2/17
Problem with Media Player always positioning itself above  
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  Posted: Mar 2, 2017 11:21 AM
I'm trying to develop an application for big screen, throw text with background images, at the moment I want to do the same with videos (backgrounds motions), for that I declare in my component MediaPlayer.Display: = MyPanel; When I squeeze the player it always stays above the other components that inherit from MyPanel in my case labels.
Can someone help me in a solution so the Media Player does not skip ahead (I already tried .MyPanel. SendToBack and MyLabel.BringToFront with no result)
I tried other solutions too without success
I declare in my Main form
TransparentColor: = True;
TransparentColorValue: = clFuchsia;
I gave this color to the panel and form it leaked to the first window below it, create a new form for free first media (formstyle: = fsMDIForm) positioned exactly in the same position as my panel, initialize my form with
Application.CreateForm (TFrmMedia, FrmMedia);
But however this form of media always jumps from my main principle
Someone please give an opinion to testing everything they tell me
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