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Thread: new empty vcl forms application doesn't compile in Berlin 10.1

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Vladimir Shvetsov

Posts: 12
Registered: 2/18/05
new empty vcl forms application doesn't compile in Berlin 10.1  
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  Posted: Mar 18, 2017 8:48 AM
I work in Rad Studio XE. I have three my own components (customized versions of TEdit, TLabel, and TButton), which I installed in the IDE. Now I installed rad studio berlin 10.1 upd2 to try. The following happened:
1) I launched the IDE, created new vcl forms application, compiled and run it. Ok.
2) I created a new project for my components, add them to the project and installed them. Ok.
3) I create new vcl forms application, but it doesn't compile any more.
The compilation error:
'imagelist' is not a member of 'System'
occurs in the file "Vcl.ImgList.hpp" on the declaration of class TChangeLink. Here's a snippet:

namespace Vcl
namespace Imglist
//-- forward type declarations
class DELPHICLASS TChangeLink;
class DELPHICLASS TCustomImageList;
//-- type declarations
class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TChangeLink : public System::Imagelist::TImageLink //---compilation error here !

From now on I cannot compile any project.
The whole situation is reproduced after the reinstallation of Rad Studio. Please help.
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