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Thread: Remote debug program on another computer - breakpoints are green

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Marko Horvat

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Registered: 9/9/04
Remote debug program on another computer - breakpoints are green
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  Posted: Apr 7, 2017 12:36 AM

I have a problem remote debugging my application. If i try new project it works fine, but my project doesn't work. I tried compare settings and are all the same with newly created project.

My project was originally made ind Delphi 2016. Now i merged to Delphi Berlin. Because i have some really strange problems which happen really unpredictable in longer period of time I would like to connect with debugger when that happens. But like I said without help. I Can connect to app fine i can see event log as it should be, but breakpoints are green. I have map, rsm and tds file there.

So if you have any pointers what to do and check please let me know.

have a nice day, Marko Horvat
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