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Thread: ANN: RAD & Installer - NSIS and Inno Setup in RAD Studio

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Alzbeta Slapkova

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Registered: 7/1/15
ANN: RAD & Installer - NSIS and Inno Setup in RAD Studio
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  Posted: Jun 30, 2017 2:20 AM

We have released new version of our tool RAD & Installer for creating NSIS and Inno Setup installers directly in IDE.

[+] Refactoring support for NSIS and Inno Setup (variables, symbols, functions, procedures, ...). Results are shown in Find References Window Find References.
[+] Default shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+Enter (or use Context Menu). Double-clicking the result item moves the cursor to appropriate line in script file.
[+] It is possible to copy content of Find References Window into Clipboard (as text)
[+] Changed all NSIS icons to NSIS 3 style everywhere - also on this website and in the manual.
[+] RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo has become the main platform for development (Pascal). Old RAD Studios are still supported! (This is only for better comfort of our developers.)
[+] Whole GUI has been reworked. All RAD Studio versions and editions use modern style (colors, icons, forms, dialogs, ...)
[+] MessageBox Designer now shows new line characters ($\r $\n %n #13#10) correctly in Preview dialog
[+] Fixed issues with Administrator rights and generating and license.key file
[+] Installer: Default installation path has been changed from C:\Program Files (x86)\RAD & Installer\ to C:\ProgramData\RAD & Installer\.
[+] Page creator and Page leave functions (functions for custom pages used in Page or UninstPage commands) have custom icons (in Navigation Bars and Code Insight Code Completion) in NSIS scripts
[+] NSIS Compiler now handles recursive errors correctly, errors in macros and included files or symbols, multiline errors in directives (!system, !execute, !define). Fixed processing multiline errors (commands MessageBox, CreateShortcut, ExecShell, FileSeek, InstProgressFlags, SetFileAttributes) and registry related commands (DeleteRegKey, DeleteRegValue, EnumRegKey EnumRegValue, ReadRegDWORD, ReadRegStr, WriteRegBin, WriteRegDWORD, WriteRegStr, WriteRegExpandStr). Added warning messages with correct usage of these commands
[+] External functions / procedures are now marked with custom icons (in Navigation Bars and Code Insight Code Completion) in Inno Setup scripts
[+] Inno Setup Compiler now handles SignedUninstalller=Yes error correctly, errors in included files or symbols.
[+] We fixed most of the issues with interfaces, but still an AV Exception may occur when closing IDE (bds.exe). Sorry for this inconvenience.

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