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Thread: CLR Host Library for Delphi

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Bismark Appah

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CLR Host Library for Delphi
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  Posted: Aug 17, 2017 12:05 AM
This Library contains Delphi classes and interfaces for starting and hosting the Common Language Runtime which manages memory, thread execution, code execution, code safety verification, compilation, and other system services. It manages the .Net framework Engine and enables inter-process communication between Delphi Applications and .Net libraries. This library has classes which automatically starts the .Net framework engine making it possible for an application written in Delphi to access all the types in the Microsoft Common Object Runtime Library (mscorlib) or access all the types in an external library without prior registrations of the .net Library as COM.

This library includes types defined in the following .Net namespaces; System, System.Collection, System.IO, System.Globalization, System.Reflection, System.Security, System.Text etc. These types are represented as dispatch interfaces.

Note: This library is part of the .Net Runtime Library for Delphi.


- Host the .Net Common Language Runtime (CLR).
- Host .Net Controls in Delphi VCL
- Create .Net objects from assemblies not registered for COM and loading .Net assemblies from partial or full assembly name, location and streams
- Create and use .Net objects that are not COM visible.
- Create .Net objects using parameterized or non-parameterized constructors.
- Call Static and non-Static properties/methods/fields of .Net object.
- Handle .Net exceptions and get all .Net exception properties including exception type name, StackTrace etc.
- Get information about loaded instance of .Net framework such as memory usage and size of heap by generation.
- Works with .Net events.
- and many more.

For more information, go to
For more information about the .Net Runtime Library for Delphi, go to
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