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Thread: FastReport FMX 2.0 LIBD25 gives an error "clCantRen" when component

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delphi coder

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Registered: 8/16/13
FastReport FMX 2.0 LIBD25 gives an error "clCantRen" when component
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  Posted: Aug 22, 2017 10:30 AM
Whenever I put FastReport 2.0 FMX -> TfrxReport component on my FMX form I do get above mentioned error via frequent popup i.e "clCantRen".

When run without debugging I do get following error
"[dcc32 Error] E2161 Error: RLINK32: Error opening file "C:\FireMonkey\MainFrm.fmx"

My library path are as follows

Win32:- C:\Program Files (x86)\FastReport FMX\LibD25
Win64:- C:\Program Files (x86)\FastReport FMX\LibD25x64

Even whenever I do tried to save project or close project, it don't allow me to do so by popping up error msg "clCantRen".

Only after I removed component TfrxReport from the fmx form it allow me to save and close.

Kindly anyone please let me know why I am getting error with TfrxReport component at FMX form.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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