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Thread: TFDJSONInterceptor DataSetsToJSONObject How to read result without RadStud

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Gaetano Mantovani

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TFDJSONInterceptor DataSetsToJSONObject How to read result without RadStud  
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  Posted: Nov 13, 2017 2:55 AM
I'm writing a rest datasnap server with some methods that return a JSon Dataset.
In the methods I have a code similar as the below:
TJSONObject* TServerMethods1::RetrieveData(parameters)

MyFDQuery->SQL ..

TFDJSONDataSets *ds = new TFDJSONDataSets();
TFDJSONDataSetsWriter::ListAdd(ds, MyFDQuery);
TFDJSONInterceptor::DataSetsToJSONObject(ds, obj);
return obj;

And in the client I have a code like the below:


TJSONObject * LJSONObject (ClientModule1->ServerMethods1Client->RetrieveData(parameters));
std::auto_ptr<TFDJSONDataSets>LDataSets(new TFDJSONDataSets());
TFDJSONInterceptor::JSONObjectToDataSets(LJSONObject, LDataSets.get());

TFDAdaptedDataSet * LDataSet = TFDJSONDataSetsReader::GetListValue(LDataSets.get(), 0);


All work fine, now I need to read the dataset without using c++builder/delphi, I tried with Html5builder but seems have problems with the SSL connection.
Anyway I need to read the dataset with PHP/Javascript.
When the method is called using a classic rest call (I used the methods invoker with a web-browser) the page get a result similar as the below:


There is a way to decode the above without radstudio tools?
I wouldn't create new methods that give the recordset in 'pure' json, if is possible.

Thank you for the answers.
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