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Thread: Can't export functions in C++ Builder 64-bit DLL

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Guilherme Borges

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Registered: 3/9/12
Can't export functions in C++ Builder 64-bit DLL  
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  Posted: Mar 15, 2018 5:26 AM
I create two DLLs, one with the target platform of 32-bit, the other - with the target platform of 64-bit, then check both DLLs with DependencyWalker.

With the 32-bit DLL all is ok and I see this:


With the 64-bit DLL all I see is:


The problem is that I can not debug in x64!

When debugging is started, the following error appears:

"The procedure entry point __CppDebugHook could not be located in the dinamic library link MYDLL.dll"

I have created several other projects, 50 in total, and only 4 of them appear this error.

In one of my DLLs has .lib/.a from other DLLs.

I notice that when I create the project in the IDE, and do not add the .lib/.a, the variable __CppdebugHook exists.
but by including the .lib/.a, the variable disappears from the DLL.

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