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Thread: FireDAC and Oracle - ConnectionError(TNS) if executable is on network share

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Bernd Zimmermann

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Registered: 9/14/13
FireDAC and Oracle - ConnectionError(TNS) if executable is on network share
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  Posted: Apr 5, 2018 4:09 AM

using a FireDoc TADOConnection with oracle driver results in a strange behaviour if code/executable is on
on a network share like: \\xxx.yyyy\dir\dir\delphi or K:\dir\dir\delphi with K: mapped as

The Error on running the Application Throug Delphi-IDE occurs at TADOConnection.Connected := True
with "TNS connect identifier is not correct."

On DesignTime setting Connected to True gives no error.

If I copy the created executable to: C:\temp (local folder) und executing it, the connection works!

This is quite ridiculous, because it seems that FireDAC cannot handle network links or it must
be something related to this.

I currently us an old Delphi XE4 with a FireDAC_8.0.3.3291

Are there any hints to get it running while storing my project and developing and debugging on a network share
or do I really have to copy my source vom K:\ to C:\ and after work copying back to K:\ ??
Note: without FireDac everthing works inside the IDE with debugging and storing on the network share,
so it must be something wrong with FireDAC.

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