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Thread: D4PHP 2... is it worthy to resuscitate?

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Guillermo Najar

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Registered: 1/11/01
D4PHP 2... is it worthy to resuscitate?  
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  Posted: May 25, 2014 5:23 PM
In 2009 I played with D4PHP 2. Even with some stability issues, I got to dominate the product... and even built several libraries for fast Web db development; I got Jomitech components by then and I was very pleased.
Then I join into a company where I development was not the role to do. Nowadays I'm considering to ecome back a bit, even for fun, to develop some small db web apps. I have browsed the web and I have not found a similar product to D4PHP (maybe... scriptcase).

I was wondering if it'd be worthy to resusitate my D4PHP 2, along with all libraries and utilities I built around it

Yet... I checked the last vercion of RCPL in Sourceforge, and it sopped updates since 2013. The same PHP now is 5.5, and the one bundled in D4PHP is 5.3.

Would it be possible to:
1- update libraries of RCPL in D4PHP 2? (in case those libraries are still alive...)
2. Adapt the last version of PHP indo D4PHP?
3- Update any other third party librarries (like ADODB) that components may need?

Would it be worthy / safe to try to resusitate my old D4PH2 ? Or should I keep looking for more current and used platforms... I see that H5B is not sold as individual product (which is not atracting potential customers like me; to the contrary); it has no roadmap defined (etc).As I said, D4PHP was one of its kind... I wonder why there are no similar products on the market

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