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Thread: Check-in wants to delete objects that exist in repository and ER/Studio

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Patrick Demets

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Registered: 5/22/14
Check-in wants to delete objects that exist in repository and ER/Studio  
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  Posted: Jan 22, 2015 2:24 PM
Looks like my morning post on this got "lost", so here does again...

I'm checking in a large model to the repository, and the confirmation summary shows that some objects will be deleted (index key components) on the E/R Studio side (as opposed to the repository). This would suggest that these objects do not exist in the repository, and the check-in with align the E/R Studio side with what is in the repository. However, I've confirmed that those objects are currently in the model that's in the repository, and those same objects exist in my checked-out model I'm working on (i.e., in E/R Studio).

The list of planned-to-be-deleted objects is very long, and I'm concerned that all these deletes are in error. And besides, deleting these key attributes buggers the intent of the relationships, so I can see the rationale.

Why would the check-in want to delete objects that exist both in the repository and the in-memory E/R Studio models?

Oh, and nearly all the checkmarks (where I could indicate "don't delete") are disabled/greyed out.

I've re-created the list here (can I not post images on this forum?) I've renamed sensitive business data/names. The dashes (-) represent checkmarks (disabled):

X E/R Studio Data Architect Deletions
diagram ABC Corporate Data Warehouse
model Logical
Entity ABCD Associated Customer Order Line Item
Key PK_Associated_Customer_Order_Line_Item
- Delete key attribute "ChildLineItemID"
- Delete key attribute "ParentLineItemID"
Entity ABCD Associated Equipment
Key PK_Associated_Equipment
- Delete key attribute "ComponentEquipmentID"

Am I misinterpreting the confirmation summary? Any suggestions on this would be appreciated. Thx

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