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Thread: View Naming

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Andrew Thompson

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Registered: 12/14/14
View Naming  
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  Posted: Jan 28, 2015 3:29 AM
When creating a view in the LDM ER studio correctly use the logical names for column and fields. However, when generating the physical it does not use the naming template and creates the view using the logical names which subsequently fails to validate at the physical level. I have tried creating the view in the physical model and merging back to the logical but this create a logical view with the physical names and again fails to validate.

A possible work around is to create the view with all the alias as per the naming template but this is an overly manual process and subject to error. Also, when applying the alias on the column tab, it is not replicated correctly in the where tab.

I am using a naming template agreed with the business but nothing looks out of the ordinary (Camel Case, Standard Abbreviation etc.)

Does anyone know if I am doing something stupid, whether this is an error or a 'design feature'...
Jason Hahn

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Registered: 10/12/08
Re: View Naming  
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  Posted: Jan 28, 2015 5:26 PM   in response to: Andrew Thompson in response to: Andrew Thompson
Hi Andrew,

I'd suggest applying the naming standards template to the logical model to update the physical names in the LDM. (Go to Model > Naming Standards Utility, then make sure the Source is set to Logical and Target is set to Physical before selecting your objects and running the translation.)

In my tests, when I have the physical names already applied in the logical model, and then generate the physical model, the view is updated with the physical names and validates correctly. Unfortunately, comparing and merging between the logical and physical won't work as long as the two models use different names.


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