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Thread: XE7 & Win SDK Help

Permlink Replies: 1 - Last Post: Aug 9, 2015 3:37 AM Last Post By: Ron van der Meer Threads: [ Previous | Next ]
David Keith

Posts: 196
Registered: 12/10/99
XE7 & Win SDK Help
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  Posted: Mar 24, 2015 10:26 AM
New to XE7, was suprised to find that Windows SDK help was not integrated with the D help. IS there
a way to integrate the SDK help?


Ron van der Meer

Posts: 4
Registered: 3/6/02
Re: XE7 & Win SDK Help
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  Posted: Aug 8, 2015 5:16 PM   in response to: David Keith in response to: David Keith
David Keith wrote:
New to XE7, was suprised to find that Windows SDK help was not integrated with the D help. IS there
a way to integrate the SDK help?



there is if you have access to an earlier version XEn install that has the Win SDK (PSDK) installed ...

copy the following from the earlier version install, eg, XE6: ?:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\14.0\Help\Doc, retaining directory structure,
into the XE7 area, eg: ?:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\15.0\Help\Doc :


Edit (Notepad++) the xe7:psdk.ini as follows: change all <chrl-h> embarcadero.rs_xe? references to embarcadero.rs_xe7

"Master.HxT" (an xml file) needs to be modified to include "Microsoft Windows Platform SDK" in the left-hand-side index panel as follows:

copy the 'live/xe7' "Master.HxT" to a temp folder, edit it with Notepad++, and set the language to XML,

ensure that "embarcadero.rs_xe7" in the top line of the to be newly included HelpTOCNode is the correct name-space, in this case we're targeting "RAD Studio XE7".

and modify it by adding the xml code/block at the end of this doco, save, then copy the file back where to where it came from.
Due to write restrictions/privileges in the folder it resides, notepad won't be able to save the modified file to the 'live' folder.

run TaskMAnager (ctrl-alt-del) to ensure the "dexplore.exe" process isn't running, kill it if it is, then

from an Administrator Privileged cmd box issue the following command from within the "?:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\15.0\Help\Doc" folder (don't for get to insert the extra xml code first!):

h2reg -r cmdfile="?:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\15.0\Help\Doc\psdk.ini"

monitor the "H2Reg.exe" process in TaskMAnager as no completion message is provided, then check "?:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\15.0\help\Doc\H2Reg_Log.txt" for any errors once the "H2Reg.exe" process has terminated.


following is the chunk of XML code that needs to be inserted before the end/final "</HelpTOC>" tag:

<HelpTOCNode Title="Microsoft Windows Platform SDK" Url="ms-help://embarcadero.rs_xe7/SDKintro/html/4778d9b3-e4a3-4d7b-b790-20a3c9dbab6f.htm">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Getting Started">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="sdkintro"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Development Guides">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="win64"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="apcompat"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="mslu"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="tpcsdk10"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="winprog"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Developer Notes" Url="/devnotes/winprog/developer_notes.xml">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="devnotes"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="regentry"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="dbnetlib"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="dv_other"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="win9x"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Base Services">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="debug"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="devio"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="dllproc"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Indexing Service">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="indexsrv"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="intl"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="ipc"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="memory"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="perfmon"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="power"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="fileio"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="termserv"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="mscs"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="sysinfo"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Component Services">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="cossdk"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="COM">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="com"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="automat"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="midl"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="stg"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="mts"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Data Services">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) SDK">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="mdacsdk"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="ado270"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="oledb"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="odbc"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="ipubsdk"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="xmlsdk"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="xmlsdk30"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Graphics and Multimedia Services">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="gdicpp"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="icm"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="opengl"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="stillimg"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="gdi"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="wia"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="wiaaut"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Windows Media">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="wmsrvsdk"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="multimed"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Messaging and Collaboration Services">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="ds2x"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="cdosys"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="cdo"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="mapi"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="smtpevt"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="netmeet"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Networking and Directory Services">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="netdir"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="uddi"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="adschema"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Network Communication">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="bits"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="fax"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="ics"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="msmq"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="rtcclnt"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="rras"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="tapi"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="upnp"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Network Management">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="netmgmt"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="netmon"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="netshell"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="snmp"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="syncmgr"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="wnet"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Network Protocols">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="bluetooth"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="dlc"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="dns"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="dhcp"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="http"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="irda"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="iphlp"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="madcap"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="netbios"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="qos"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="rpc"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="wininet"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="winsock"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="winhttp"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Network Security">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="eap"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Internet Authentication Service">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="ias"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="sdo"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="mschap"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Security">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="security"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Setup and System Administration">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="mmc"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="pchealth"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Policies and Profiles">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="policy"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="gpmc"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Setup">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="msi"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="sbscs"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="setupapi"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="wfp"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="sr"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="taskschd"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="wmisdk"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Tools and Scripting">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="AppVerifier">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="appverif"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Scripting">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="script56"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="tools"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="User Interface Services">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="msaa"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="msagent"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="tsf"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="shellcc"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="winui"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="wizard"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Web Development">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Internet Development" Url="/inet/workshop/essentials/whatsnew/whatsnew_node_entry.htm">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="inet"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="iisref"/>
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="Regular" Title="Web Services">
<HelpTOCNode NodeType="TOC" Url="passport25"/>

Edited by: Ron van der Meer on Aug 9, 2015 3:35 AM

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