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Thread: Welcome to the new server.

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David Clegg

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Registered: 2/11/01
Welcome to the new server.
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  Posted: Aug 23, 2015 8:36 PM is now running on new, dedicated, significantly
upgraded hardware. The database has been migrated from BlackfishSQL to
Microsoft SQL Server.

We hoped for a smooth transition of an hour or less, but before we
could get all the pieces finalized, the old Jive implementation took
its last gasp. We apologize for the lack of advanced notice, but the
old Jive server failure forced our timeline.

All messages were successfully migrated over, but some draft messages
were lost due to data issues during the migration.

Thanks to the greatly improved performance of the new implementation,
read status tracking has been turned back on. You should see those
little blue dots for new posts/threads when using the browser interface.

For all forum operations, you should see significantly improved
performance, and hopefully much greater reliability. There is no longer
any need to shut down Jive to run a full backup of the database.

Thank you for your extraordinary patience during this long migration

We hope you enjoy the new Jive server.


David Clegg, John Kaster, and the Embarcadero forums migration team
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